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New guidelines for labeling different WINES

It is true that from December 8th, 2023, all producers of alcoholic beverages, including wines and spirits, marketed in the European Union will be required to inform consumers about the ingredients and nutritional information of their products, including calories.

These new rules were adopted in 2018 by the European Union as part of the Regulation on the provision of food information to consumers (FIC), which aims to ensure that consumers are informed in a clear and understandable manner about the food products they purchase.

The nutritional information that must appear on wine labels includes the number of calories, amounts of fat, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, sugars, proteins, and salt. Producers may also provide information on vitamins and minerals.

It should be noted that producers have some flexibility in how they provide this information, such as on the label itself or on an information sheet accessible via a QR code or URL link on the label.

What is the purpose of the QR CODE on the back label of Champagne?

The QR code on the back label of a champagne bottle can serve several purposes:


The QR code can be used to authenticate the origin of the champagne bottle and ensure its provenance. Consumers can therefore ensure that the bottle they are purchasing is authentic and not a counterfeit.


The QR code can contain information about the champagne, such as the grape variety used, the vintage, the production region, and so on. Consumers can thus learn more about the champagne they are buying.


The QR code can also be used to offer promotions or special deals to consumers, such as invitations to events, discounts on future purchases, etc.

The ideal solution. !

In short, the QR code on the back label of a champagne bottle can offer consumers a more interactive and immersive experience by providing additional information about the product and allowing them to interact with the brand in an innovative way.

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